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The Lobby

The Lobby was created to democratize one of the darkest parts of the American political system. It is an online platform that gives users the opportunity to create and crowdfund a political lobby.
Over the last few years the US political system has seen a massive swell in financing from corporations and wealthy individuals. As a result, legislation has become increasingly polarized and less representative.

The vote on gun restrictions in April 2013, is an example of the influence private-interest groups play in the passing of legislation. Ninety percent of the American public supported stricter background checks on guns. Yet the law didn’t pass. The Lobby creates a counter balance for Main Street, making it possible for anyone to raise money and influence their legislators; it hedges on the vision of pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with “the crowd”.

Who We Are

We want to democratize one of the key tools, used to influence legislation. Our plan is to work towards making The Lobby a reality. Right now we are in our infancy. If you like what we are doing, or have ideas to share, drop us a line!

The Lobby was created by Nick Meehan, an American designer, for his senior thesis at The Design Academy Eindhoven, in The Netherlands.


Interview with the Institute of Network Cultures

Here is an interview we did with the Institute of Network Cultures — Money Lab in Amsterdam. Money Lab is a blog and conference that explores alternative payment and revenue models in digital media. They are one of the few academic institutes currently researching models like crowd funding and crypto-currencies.

link: The Interview

The Lobby on Vice Motherboard NL

Check out our interview with the Dutch version of Vice Motherboard.

link: The article on Vice NL

The Lobby on Vice Motherboard US

A second run of the interview that ran on Vice Motherboard last week, this week in English.

link: The article on Vice US

Awarded "Allumonde Connector Ring"

The Lobby was awarded with a "Allumonde ring" (allumer le monde - enlighten the world), Design Academy Eindhoven presents this honor to students whose project offers a unique contribution towards the creation of a better world and improving the way we treat each other and our environment.

Nancy Pelosi Talks Money & Politics - The Daily Show

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